Phone & Tablet Repair

Issue with your mobile device? whether it be a technical issue or something more physical such as the screen has got cracked or your mobile has been through hell and back, we can fix it.

FROM £20

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Computer Repair

We can fix almost anything related to your PC or laptop be it big or small from DATA Recovery to a Corrupted Windows, give us a call or a Facebook message and we can sort something out for you and your computer.

FROM £30

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Fully Refurbished PC/Laptop Sales

Whether you need a custom high-end gaming PC or just a laptop for basic use, we offer a wide selection for sale with warranty. For more info get in touch or visit out eBay page for a sample.

FROM £100

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eBike Battery Service/Sales

Thinking Tech-Nic only Fixed & Sold Computers? We now Service & Stock e-Bike Batteries too!

So whether you're an amateur kit builder in need of a battery pack or electric bike shop that needs a re-celling service, we can help!

FROM £60

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Computer Service & Speed Up

Computers generally should be serviced at least every 3 - 6 months to keep it running correctly. we will removed Viruses, unwanted files, conflicting registry files and make sure everything is up to date!


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