Phone & Tablet Repair

Issue with your mobile device? whether it be a technical issue or something more physical such as the screen has got cracked or your mobile has been through hell and back, we can fix it.

FROM £20

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Computer Repair

We can fix almost anything related to your PC or laptop be it big or small, give us a call or a Facebook message and we can sort something out for you and your computer. ​

FROM £30

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Fully Refurbished PC/Laptop Sales

Whether you need a custom high-end gaming PC or just a laptop for basic use, we offer a wide selection for sale with warranty. For more info get in touch or visit out eBay page for a sample.

FROM £100

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eBike Battery Service/Sales

Thinking Tech-Nic only Fixed & Sold Computers? We now Service & Stock e-Bike Batteries too!

So whether you're an amateur kit builder in need of a battery pack or electric bike shop that needs a re-celling service, we can help!

FROM £60

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Computer Service & Speed Up

Computers generally should be serviced at least every 3 - 6 months to keep it running correctly. we will removed Viruses, unwanted files, conflicting registry files and make sure everything is up to date!


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Virus Removal

If you suspect your computer has some pesky spyware or can't function due to a nasty virus we can handle it. With our virus removal and worm flushing tools we can remove almost anything threatening your computers health.


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Computer Upgrade

Is your computer due an upgrade? It's always cheaper to upgrade an existing computer so we can help upgrade components with new ones such as SSD, HDD, GPU, RAM and other components.

FROM £25

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Remote Support

Using TeamViewer we will manage your PC as if we were seated right next to you. we will find the root of any computer problems you're having and fix it quickly all through the internet.

FROM £20

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